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Hi, last week i tried to update my amd drivers using the radeon software and since i have i've had problems.My gpu hasn't been detected since I've updated the drivers.
I then tried to uninstall the new drivers to the old ones that worked fine, but i can't as ' there is no amd hardware detected'
my gpu has power and 100% worked with no problems before hand but isn't showing up in windows at all, not even in the bios but the rgb lights are on
i have to use integrated graphics as my gpu doesn't get detected.

i5 7500

aorus amd radeon rx 580 8gb


16gb ram
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  1. What is the power supply brand and model? Try removing the card, reset the BIOS by unplugging the system then pulling the CMOS battery for about 10 seconds, try it again. Contact support for the card, it should be in warranty.
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