i have a 70's Magnavox console tv with remote but before channel scan and menus. I can't seem to get channel 3.

Looking for someone familiar with old mid 1970's Magnavox console tv. It has a remote and number buttons and no menu or programming obviously. The remote won't advance to channel 3 and can't enter 03 for some reason. It does have coax input but without channel 3 I can't display anything.

To the first answer i am trying to display anything like from a converter box etc.

Looks like the model number is T330. Also there is no knob to turn. Serial# 16238608. Final unit # BH4688WH01 i think. This in on a faded and browned piece of paper on the back.

This is the only link for that unit#. https://encompass.com/model/NAPBH4688WH01 for a manual.

looks like model 4698 but different controls.Number buttons and videomatic option.
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  1. You will need to provide a model number to get any help. There were LOTS of Magnavox TVs. What are you trying to display on this TV?
  2. 70's TVs should have a big channel knob on the face of the TV. Think this maybe too old to even have Internet archive of it, u may have to post links with clear pics.
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