Will gsync work with display port card but hdmi freesync monitor

With this new gsync on freesync monitors thing, i wanna try it out only thing is that my monitor doesn't have display port. Will it still work if i used a converter as my gpu has display port. Thanks ~ karl
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  1. No...
  2. What monitor and graphics card do you have?
  3. TJ Hooker said:
    What monitor and graphics card do you have?

    Ive got a msi gtx 980 alongside a acer kg241Q monitor
  4. Does your GTX 980 not have an HDMI output?

    I really don't know if it would work. My gut reaction would be that using an adapter might mess with freesync, but I also don't know if Nvidia added freesync support over HDMI, and if they did if there's a minimum HDMI version required.
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