Did i break my PC??

I just installed new thermaltake fans, about 7 of them and i had to do a whole lot of cable management. Once i installed them all, i booted my PC up everything seems fine but after it shows the first booting images it just goes to a black screen instead of the windows 10 login screen. I did force some of the wires back in a space next to the power supply, but other than that nothings unplugged or anything

also when booting my tv shows what the resolution is, it said whatever the exact resolution for 4k is, but now it says 640 x something
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  1. Just keep booting and windows will automatically go to repair mode.
  2. What power supply are you using? That’s a lot of fans to add if it’s on the low end of what you need.

    More probable that you knocked something loose during the install. Double check all your connections and make sure nothing shifted.
  3. Agreed, heshclub7, especially if he's taken power from the GPU.

    @kvltzzz, how did you power all those fans?
  4. "Case fans usually use 1.8 Watts and are rated at 12 Volts."
    How indeed.

  5. the psu is an arc 650 bronze

    these fans are powered by a standard molex connection, 2 of them since the fan hubs only fit 5 fans each. I dont think its a psu issue since there were 7 fans from the start and had no issues

    I probably did end up messing up a cable but i cant find exactly where it wouldve happened. When i look everything seems fine but i keep looking over and over still

    I am trying a reset and see if it helps
  6. A reset didnt help
  7. it now tells me "Your PC/device needs to be repaired" with a different message sometimes saying something along the lines of "After multiple attempts the operating system on this PC failed to start" Is my ssd the problem since thats where i have windows installed?
  8. If you have another disk with an OS lying around somewhere, you could experiment.

    It seems you will need to reinstall Windows anyway so you need to take the SSD out and slave it to another machine to be able to rescue your data.

    How does it behave if you use the optical drive using a bootable DVD. If that even lights up and offers you repair or install options, it tells you what works and what can't.
  9. I did actually manage to find my old hard drive that has windows 10 on it and was able to get repair options. Once "repaired" i was met with another black screen instead of the sign in screen yet again. Even the same blue screen errors about needing repairs etc
  10. If you have more than one RAM stick, try removing one and see if things improve. If they don't, pop it back and remove the other, restart, etc.

    That would take prime suspects off the causation list - hard disk and memory.
  11. I removed one and and vice versa but still the same issue. It gave me a blue screen also saying "The operating system failed to turn off properly and needs to be repaired". Its not an error associated with removing 1 ram stick because I did get that a few times prior
  12. I had emailed a local shop that had good ratings and the guy on the phone had told me it sounds like a motherboard issue, which with my knowledge with this stuff, it made no sense to me or if its even possible that it could be the issue. He insisted that I couldve short circuited something when plugging in the fans via a 4 pin from the hub/making contact with something while installing the fans and later said that would cause the ssd to act how it is. Like i said im not sure if thats even accurate but thats all I got from him on the phone
  13. Also i did try plugging the cable into the 2 other slots on the motherboard but it was no use. I cant specify the cable because i have no clue of the name but its the cable from the ssd to the motherboard
  14. It's a SATA cable.
  15. Yes that. Still haven't managed to fix it, with everything going on I can only assume the SSD mysteriously broke, the sata cable got damaged and/or the motherboard broke(Although I doubt it since everything else on the motherboard works). I just cant wrap around the idea of a super simple install leading to this but heading to a shop tomorrow so hopefully I'll find out
  16. To me, it seems the breakdown is the handover from startup and Windows actually displaying and that leads me towards the graphics. That probably would imply a new motherboard would be the fix.

    If it isn't too expensive, I suggest you take it to that fixer and see if he can find a cheap fix.
  17. Just to be clear, you're saying it could be the GPU? I do have a new GPU coming tomorrow so if that's the case its no problem. Unless you mean something else like the PCI-E slot is damaged. Which would make sense considering the GPU is a bit wobbly in the slot as well as the resolution displaying below 800x600. Maybe I hit it while plugging in the 4pin. I do have a different GPU laying around I could try out to see if that is the case
  18. I tried a different GPU which didnt work at all, couldn't display anything although after reinstalling my current GPU it did say 1080p resolution which is still progress but still a black screen
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