Ram & Aorus Master Compatibility issue?


I bought this as used, actually quite cheaper than 32gb 3200/14 which I was thinking to buy in the very first place. But I just found out in the compatibility list under g.skill site, that ram is nowhere to be found..

Does this mean that they're not compatible? If that's the case, should I change the motherboard to something like Maximus XI Hero (this has that ram), or buy a lower clocked ram? Or if I downclock my current ram to like 4000mhz ish, will it work fine?Plz help..
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  1. RAM doesn't need to be on the QVL to "work". It's just recommended to be certain of compatibility. Good name brands for both board and RAM modules tend to work together fine, but not a guarantee. Getting that RAM to work at rated 4266 could be a challenge for the IMC in your CPU.

    EDIT. Your RAM is supported. The kit you listed is on the memory QVL on Gigabyte's website for the Aorus Master. This means that Gigabyte themselves have tested.
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