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I've got a little aspire laptop and I've tried everything and it just won't charge or turn on anymore. I got a better one and id like to transfer music and pictures without buying a battery for my old one. Can they be connected somehow and can this be done without it coming on?
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  1. What is the exact model of the laptop? I suggest removing the hard drive from the laptop. Then you can connect the hard drive to your new laptop using a SATA to USB Adapter Cable.

    Instructions for removing a hard drive from certain models of Acer laptops:

    SATA to USB Adapter Cable: (USB 3.0) (USB-C 3.1)
  2. You can usually remove the hard drive or SSD, whichever that unit has, as long as it DOES have a storage drive and not some kind of flash storage (Would need to know model numbers in order to know that). Usually most laptops, not counting some Chromebooks or Netbooks, have either an SSD or mechanical hard drive which can be removed.

    Then you can connect it to the motherboard on a desktop, or even to the laptop you have now that does work IF it has room for another drive. If not, then you would need to get some kind of external enclosure for it to connect via USB to your laptop and move the data off.

    Something like this would probably work.
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