Deepcool CF 120m with Coolermaster RGB 3 in 1 Adapter (How does it work?)

I needed some flashy fans and choose these Deepcool fans, and I have a Phanteks P350x, and i'm looking to buy the Coolermaster's RGB Signal 3 in 1 Adapter. I don't really understand how it works, if you plug in the RGB Cable to the adapter's female plug in, does it power the fans also? When I plug it in the motherboard? Or do I still have to plug the Fan Cables to my Fan ports on the ASRock B450 Pro4? In addition, does the Deepcool CF 120m RGB support ASRock's RGB Software? I don't wanna spend extra money just for ASUS Compatibility? If not I'm gonna have to switch back to WAITING for the Masterbox TD500 Case to come back in stock at Canada Computers.
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