How do I recover data from old hard drive?


I am trying to recover data from a secondary hard drive from an old PC. Does anyone have some clues for me?

My brother's old Pentium166 machine had a primary 1.8 Gig Maxtor HDD and a secondary 4.3 Gig Quantum HDD (with 3 partitions using Quantum's ONTRACK Dynamic Drive Overlay).

The PC was running Virus95, err... I mean Win95, with FAT16.

OK, the primary HDD failed so I couldn't get into the secondary HDD. No problem there, I just upgraded my entire PC from scratch and built a new one. I could worry about the old data later. The new PC runs WinME with FAT32.

Now I've finally gotten around to trying to get the old data off the secondary HDD. I rebuilt the old PC with a new Mainboard but I had to reformat the primary HDD. The secondary HDD wasn't changed. I installed WinMe onto the primary HDD. The PC works like it should except obviously for the secondary HDD. WinMe detects it but doesn't access the drives. Well duh!

So how can I now get data off the secondary HDD?

Is it as simple as just reinstalling Win95? Will doing that allow the PC to access the old secondary HDD?

Is there some kind of software that will allow me to recover the old data? Something from Norton or PartitionMagic or the like?

Will I have to get my Astromech Droid to lock down those power converters?

Thanks for any help!

- L'Jedio

Artoo, those Boot Errors must have broken loose again. See if you can't lock it back down...
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  1. Why not place the drive inside a working system that currently has only one HDD? Alternatively, you could get a Win95 boot floppy and boot to it, then you should be able to access both the FAT32 and FAT16 (or FAT?) drives. You'd even be able to copy between the two.


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  2. Remember that the best way to recover data from a failed hard drive is by doing preventative measures. Always back up your files. Do this even if you just started using your computer. This will save you time should your computer dies on you. Read these steps right away to recover the data from an old hard disk drive.
    Try this to see if it works.
  3. The failed drive always will take away your inner data at the same time. Therefore, you should learn a lesson from this incident to keep all your important data backed up all the time. If you get used to back up your data well, next time, you could directly copy back your data from the backups.
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