Intel® hd graphics 4000 vs nvidia® geforce 7600 gt

Am buying a blu-ray writer. The one I prefer requires a nvidia® geforce 7600 gt or ATI X1600 series or above.
Meanwhile, my Aspire Notebook has intel® hd graphics 4000.

So, probably I need to set my sights lower but thought I would check any ways, just in case.

Is my graphics capability in the same ballpark as what my preferred blu-ray writer requires?

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  1. your hd4000 graphics should be capable enough...
  2. as much as i hate to admit it.. the hd 4000 is a lot better than the 7600gt .-.
  3. Those specs are really outdated. Like from 2006 or 2007.
  4. Thanks for the feedback.
    Meanwhile i am in queue for live chat with ASUS.
    They made my laptop and the writer so they ought to be able to validate my proposed purchase.
    That said, I have been in the queue for a long time and had to re-enter after being bounced out. At this point I have been at number 25 spot for over 5 minute. Anyways, thanks. I will follow up with my answer from ASUS, if I get there. H
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