DirectX® 9 graphics video card for toshiba laptop

I have a Toshiba M65-S809 model laptop. I bought it about 5 years ago. The CPU and RAM are enough to run Windows 7, but my video card will not. I have been looking for whatever a DirectX 9 (or higher) graphics video card is and where to get one! What information do I need to find a compatible video card for my laptop? Do I need the information on the motherboard? Please help!
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  1. You can't upgrade laptop video for most laptops on the market, including yours.

    Win 7 should work fine on it, may be a bit slow in games and video, but it will work. Make sure you have Win 7 drivers for it before installing it, almost all posts with people having laptop issues with Win 7 are due to them installing the operating system without checking if it will run properly on their hardware. You'd want 2+ gig of ram for an older laptop also to make up a bit for a slower CPU and hard drive.
  2. You need to buy a new laptop since you cannot upgrade the video card.
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