Updating Integrated NVIDIA® GeForce® 6150SE nForce 430 graphics

I have Integrated NVIDIA® GeForce® 6150SE nForce 430 graphics on my emcahine t5340 and I want to replace the video card. I've never replaced a video card, but am studying for A+ exam. I have internally cleaned computers, installed RAM and network cards. available expansion slots are:
• One ×16 PCI Express
• One ×1 PCI Express
• Two PCI conventional
Am studying for A+ exam. Help on compatability and overriding integrated card would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  1. As soon as you add a card your BIOS should recognize it and disable the IGP. At most you might have to change a BIOS setting to pick the discrete card but it usually isn't too difficult to find(especially in a bare bones OEM BIOS).

    If you want a straight drop in without worrying about power your can go for an AMD HD 4650/70 or 5650/70 or an NVidia 240.
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