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Hi All, :hello:
Now Nvidia have released they're newest series I want to look again at buying a new single graphics card to replace my existing 2 x Geforce 7600GT cards (SLi). Because my processors aging a bit it just doesn't hack SLi so rather than upgrade the whole system (which ideally I do need to do) I want to get a new card for under £200. I have an nForce board and would rather stick to Nvidia cards over ATi. I've been looking at the GTX 260 but I can't get my head around the new series number convention. Can anyone recommend a card for around £200 that would complement my setup?

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
Geforce 7600GT (XFX) (To be replaced)
Geforce 7600GT (ASUS) (to be replaced)
Windows 7 (64bit)

Many thanks guys. :)
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  1. Well I wouldn't recommend any old tech like the GTX260, Your best off going for some DX11 goodness.

    Unfortunately the cheapest 4xx series card is the GTX465

    Which is over your budget, anyway if you were going to spend £230+ I'd recommend the faster HD5850

    If you really want a nVidia card then I suggets you wait a month for the GTX460 which should be in your price range.

    Oh and BTW your CPU will bottleneck the crap outta any new card thats even half decent....
  2. Hi omgitzfatal,
    Thanks for the advice :) The GTX465 is as you said out of my budget but if the 460 will come in more affordable I'll hold out for that. I need to upgrade the chip in my board too but atm the gfx cards are the bottleneck. As you said the second I buy a new card that'll switch over and the CPU will be the bottleneck. Then I'll buy a new i7 or something and all should balance ok for a bit.
    It's like juggling balls...
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