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All USB 3.0 Card Reader Charts 2014

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There are multiple card readers on the market. There are models that support SD and microSD cards. Others accept Compact Flash (CF) and SD and there are all-in-one card readers, which claim to support virtually any card format available today. All of these products may be available as internal versions or external devices. Watch for USB 3.0 interfaces to be able to support the fastest memory cards at peak speeds. We use some of the fastest memory cards to compare USB 3.0 card readers. Lexar's 1000X UDMA7 Compact Flash card reperesents the CF card categorry, SanDisk provided an Extreme Plus 64 GB microSD card and we received a Toshiba Exceria Type 1 with 32 GB as the official SD representative. All USB 3.0 card readers are compared on an Intel Core i5-2400 machine with Gigabyte's Z77 G1.Sniper M3 using Windows 8.

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