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All 3.5" Hard Drive Charts 2008

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Tom's Interactive 3.5" Hard Drive Charts compare low-level as well as application performance of more than 40 popular hard drive models. The charts include all popular 3.5" desktop drive manufacturers such as Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate and Western Digital. They list UltraATA and Serial ATA interfaces, 7,200 and 10,000 RPM drives, and capacities between 36 GB and 1000 GB. 15 individual benchmark categories analyze read and write throughput, interface performance, average access time, Windows startup performance and several I/O access patterns that are imperative for server and workstation scenarios. Two comparison features make our Hard Drive Charts unique on the Internet: The Cost per Gigabyte calculation and the Price/Performance Index, which relates performance, capacity and cost. Prices are updated daily using the latest price information provided by TG Stores.

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