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All Enterprise Hard Drive Charts 2008

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Tom's Interactive Enterprise Hard Drive Charts compare high-end server/workstation hard drives used in enterprise-class systems. The 15 benchmarks we used as a testing platform are the same as the ones featured in the other HDD Charts, but the interpretation of the data is different in the enterprise segment: Servers often depend on maximum I/O performance rather than on raw throughput. Of course, you can also check various other criteria: read and write throughput, sorted by average, minimum and maximum, access time, interface performance and four I/O benchmark patterns. You will find most of the popular enterprise hard drives made by Fujitsu, Hitachi and Seagate; all using either Ultra320 SCSI or SAS interfaces. Then there is the price/performance index which helps you select a particular drive, as it relates performance and capacity to cost of drive. If your company requires a large number of hard drives, this feature will enable you to make an informed and budget friendly decision.

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