How Do I Install Catalyst Control Centre on Windows 8?

Catalyst Windows 8 Graphics
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How Do I Install Catalyst Control Centre on Windows 8?

Catalyst Control Centre is a graphics management tool that is used in conjunction with ATI graphics cards in order to manage the drivers and other ATI card specific features from a single console. Although Catalyst Control Centre is automatically installed along with the ATI graphics driver installation most of the times, in case the graphics driver does not automatically install the tool, administrators can manually download it from AMD's official website and install on the computer as a separate entity.

  1. Display Management - Catalyst Control Centre allows users to manage the display of a desktop computer or laptop PC, and optimize the video output to best fit as per the output unit. With the help of this feature, the display can be optimized for LCD monitors, HDTV, TV, CRT monitors, etc.
  2. 3-D Settings - Catalyst Control Centre helps users appropriately configure and manage 3-D settings of the computer according to the ATI graphics card specifications installed in the PC.
  3. GPU Recover - This feature automatically detects and rectifies any errors that an ATI graphics card may have. Since this feature automatically resolves minor issues, the problems remain transparent to the end users.
  4. Profiles - Catalyst Control Centre also allows users to create profiles with different settings. Different profiles can be created and applied on the computer as needed.