What Is Windows 8 Experience Index?

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What Is Windows 8 Experience Index?

Windows Experience Index is a built-in feature in Windows 8 that allows users to assess and view the overall statistics of the computer on the basis of the configuration of the hardware that the system contains. Windows Experience Index also displays the individual ratings of the major hardware components such as processor, physical memory (RAM), etc.

When Windows 8 is installed on a computer for the first time, Windows Experience Index displays the minimum overall rating of the computer, which in most cases is 1.0. In order to get the exact rating of the computer, the assessment test must be executed using the administrator account. The overall rating of the entire computer is displayed on the basis of the hardware component with minimum rating. For example, if the rating of the processor is 5.0 and the physical memory is rated as 4.5, the overall rating of the computer would be 4.5.

Hardware components whose ratings are assessed during Windows Experience Index assessment test are:

  1. Processor
  2. Memory (RAM)
  3. Graphics
  4. Gaming graphics