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Windows 8 Freezes! What Do I Do to Fix the Freezing Issue?

This Tutorial addresses:
Windows 8 Freezes! What Do I Do to Fix the Freezing Issue?

While using Windows 8 on a laptop PC or desktop computer, many times users might face freezing issues. This means that Windows 8 might hang or freeze abruptly while working. The freezing issue may arise in Windows 8 due to several reasons which also include:

  1. Corrupt system files due to abrupt shutdown.
  2. Missing system files due to accidental deletion.
  3. Inappropriate application installation.
  4. Corrupt hardware device driver files.
  5. Invalid registry entries, etc.

  • In order to rectify the freezing issues, administrators can remove the problematic application or device driver manually. Although this solution is very precise, it requires in-depth knowledge of the operating system, and administrators must also know the problematic device driver or the application. Another lengthy but easy solution is to restore Windows 8 computer back to an earlier restore point. This process does not require any in-depth technical skills, and even home users can complete the task without any problem.

    Restoring Windows 8 system back to a restore point requires system restart, and once the computer is rebooted, in most cases the freezing issues are resolved.
    How to Restore a Windows 8 Computer to an Earlier Restore Point?
    To restore a Windows 8 computer to an earlier restore point, step-by-step instructions given below must be followed:

    1. Log on to Windows 8 computer with the administrator account that is to be restored to an earlier restore point.
    2. Click Desktop tile from the Start screen to go to the desktop screen.
    3. Once on the desktop screen, click File Explorer icon from the taskbar.
    4. On the opened Libraries window, right-click Computer from the left pane.
    5. From the context menu that appears, click Properties.
    6. On System window, from the left pane, click System protection.
    7. On the System Properties box, make sure that System Protection tab is selected.
    8. On the selected tab, click System Restore button under System Restore section.

    9. On the displayed System Restore box, make sure that the Recommended restore radio button in selected. Alternatively Choose a different restore point radio button can also be selected to manually choose the restore point to which Windows 8 is to be restored.

    10. Click Next to continue.
    11. On the Confirm your restore point page, click Finish.
    12. On the displayed confirmation box, click Yes to restore the Windows 8 computer to an earlier restore point.
    13. Once initiated, Windows 8 restore process can't be interrupted.

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