What Are Some Limitations of Upgrading from Windows 8 Single Language?

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What Are Some Limitations of Upgrading from Windows 8 Single Language?

When Microsoft Windows 8 is purchased in a country that uses the language other than English, vendors in that country mostly sell the computers that have pre-installed Windows 8 in that language only. For example, if a laptop PC or a desktop computer is purchased in China, Windows 8 PRC version would be pre-installed on the computer as a single language operating system.

In order to install additional languages such as English on such computers, the computers must be upgraded to Windows 8 Pro Pack that allows administrators to install other languages, including English, on the systems.

When Windows 8 is upgraded to Windows 8 Pro Pack, the only limitation that users face is that they are not able to install their PC specific apps that are made available by the vendors of the PCs, and that are available on Windows Store. In order to overcome this limitation, administrators must install all the required apps before upgrading the operating system. Doing so ensures that all the required apps are already installed on the Windows 8 computer before it stops accepting the vendor specific application installation commands.

Once Windows 8 PRC is upgraded to Windows 8 Pro Pack, a few simple steps are then required to add as many languages as administrators want. In some cases, the languages that administrators want to install on the Windows 8 computer after upgrading are required to be purchased additionally.

How to Install Additional Languages after Upgrading Windows 8?

To install additional languages after upgrading Windows 8 computer, step-by-step instructions given below must be followed using administrator account:

  • Log on to Windows 8 computer with the administrator account.
  • Click Desktop tile from the Start screen to go the desktop window.
  • Once on the desktop screen, hover mouse to the bottom right corner of the window.
  • From the displayed options, click Search.
  • On the opened Search pane in the right, click to select Settings category.
  • On the same pane, type Add a Language in Settings field.
  • From the displayed results on Settings window, click Add a language.
  • On the displayed Language window, under Change your language preferences section, click Add a language.
  • On Add languages window, under Add a language section, click to select the desired language that is to be added.
  • Once selected, click Add button.
  • Back on the Language window, click Options opposite to the recently added language.
  • On Language options window, click Download and install language pack under Windows display language section.
  • On the opened User Account Control confirmation box, click Yes to provide the administrative consents to download and install the language pack from the Internet.
  • On the Download and Install Updates box, let Windows 8 to download and install the language pack of selected language automatically.
  • Once done, click Close.
  • Close Language window when done.