How Do I Migrate Windows 8 to an SSD?

Migrate SSD Windows 8
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How Do I Migrate Windows 8 to an SSD?

In case Windows 8 is installed on a regular hard disk drive, users can migrate the operating system to an SSD by cloning the system drive with the help of any imaging application, and then restoring the clone to the SSD.

How to Migrate Windows 8 on a SSD Using Acronis True Image Home?

In order to migrate Windows 8 to and SSD using Acroins True Image Home, step-by-step instructions given below must be followed:

  • Restart Windows 8 computer with Acronis True Image bootable media CD support.
  • Make sure that an SSD on which Windows 8 is to be migrated is attached to the computer.
  • On the displayed screen, click Acronis True Image Home.
  • On Acronis True Image Home window, click to select Tools & Utilities category from the left pane.
  • Once selected, click Clone Disk under Utilities section from the right pane.
  • On the displayed Clone Disk Wizard window, click to select Manual radio button. Alternatively, Automatic (recommended) radio button can also be selected in order to allow Acronis True Image Home to clone the SSD automatically.
  • Once done, click Next to proceed.
  • On Select the source hard disk from the list below page, click to select the source hard disk clone of which is to be created, and click Next.
  • On Select the target hard disk from the list below page, click to select the target hard disk that is to be cloned and, click Next.
  • On Choose data moving method from old to new hard drive page, Click to select Proportional radio button in order to make Acronis True Image Home change the size of original partitions to fit the size of SSD accordingly.
  • Click Next to continue.
  • On the Summary page, click Proceed to initiate the cloning process of SSD.
  • Once cloning process completed successfully, on the Information box, click OK.
  • Turn off the computer and remove the HDD attached to the computer.
  • Restart the computer using SSD.