How Do I Optimize DPC Latency in Windows 8?

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How Do I Optimize DPC Latency in Windows 8?

When Windows 8 is installed and is regularly used to install, uninstall, and execute the applications, it is likely that the operating system starts facing DPC latency after some time. Deferred Procedure Call (DPC) latency is the time taken by the microprocessor to accept and react on the interrupt requests (IRQs). DPC latency is measured in microseconds, and the more the microseconds a device takes to respond to the IRQ, the more increased DPC latency you will experience.

When DPC latency takes place, the symptoms that Windows 8 starts showing are:

  1. The mouse pointer keeps hanging and it starts jumping from one location to another on the screen instead of moving smoothly when users move the mouse.
  2. The delay in typing the same characters repeatedly using the keyboard is increased which decreases the typing speed.

Note: In order to check DPC latency in Windows 8 LatencyMon.exe software can be downloaded by copying the following link in the Internet Explorer and press Enter.