What Are Some of the Best Free Apps for Windows 8?

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What Are Some of the Best Free Apps for Windows 8?

Microsoft introduced Windows 8 operating system with some pretty cool built-in features. One such feature is Windows Store, which is an online marketplace that allows the users to download and install several free and paid apps. These apps can be directly installed on mobile phones and PCs.

In order to download and install free apps from Windows store for the first time, users must have their Microsoft account. Microsoft account can be created, as a user initiates the Windows Store from the Windows 8 Start screen, and tries to install any app. Some best free apps available in Windows 8 Store include:

  1. Microsoft’s Skype Client App – Skype is a free app available in Windows Store. Once installed on the computer, Skype allows users to make video calls, initiate video chats, etc. from any place around the globe using Internet.
  2. Windows 8 Netflix App – Netflix is an app that provides on-demand streaming of videos to Windows 8 users.
  3. Adobe Reader Windows 8 App – Adobe reader is a free app for Windows 8 users that allows them to read PDF files.
  4. Microsoft Solitaire Collection – This app is a collection of solitaire games and provides most popular variant of the game. It is also one of the most played PC game in the world.
  5. YouTube Player – YouTube player is also a free app that is used to search, watch, and stream audio and video files from YouTube. Users can also share media files with their friends from YouTube.
  6. YouTube MP3 and Video Downloader – This app facilitates users to download audio and video files from YouTube in various formats.