Where Do I Change User Privileges in Windows 8?

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Where Do I Change User Privileges in Windows 8?

While installing Windows 8, the installation process prompts the installer to create a new user account before the process completes. The user account that is created during the installation process is automatically added to the built-in local group named Administrators. When a user account is added to Administrators group, every time that account is used to log on to the computer, it gets unrestricted privileges to the entire operating system.

If more user accounts are required after the installation, administrators of the computer can do so by going to Control Panel. However, this type of user account creation process allows administrators to choose the type of newly created user account. The two types of user accounts that administrators can create from Control Panel are:

  1. Standard Account – This account type has no administrator rights on the computer, and can perform limited tasks only such as opening and closing applications, viewing computer configurations, etc.