How Do I Sign in to Windows 8 with My Microsoft Account?

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How Do I Sign in to Windows 8 with My Microsoft Account?

The new Microsoft Windows 8 operating system allows users and administrators to create Microsoft account right from within its interface. The created Microsoft account can be used to log on to Windows 8 either from the same machine using which the account was created, or the credentials can also be used to log on to any other Windows 8 computer or mobile device that has active Internet connection.

The reason behind having active Internet connection in order to log on to Windows 8 computer or mobile device with Microsoft account is that the account credentials are sent to the Microsoft server for authentication. In case the Internet connection is not available on the computer or mobile, the credentials are not sent to the Microsoft server, hence preventing them from being authenticated by the server.

Once a Microsoft account is created on Windows 8, users can log on to the computer using that account in order to gain access to several Microsoft account specific apps and features such as Windows Store, SkyDrive, etc.

In order to sign in to Windows 8 computer using Microsoft account, step-by-step instructions are given below:

  • Log on with the user account that is to be signed in using Microsoft account to Windows 8 computer.
  • Make sure that computer is connected to an active Internet connection.
  • Click Desktop tile from the Start screen to go to the desktop.
  • Once on the desktop screen, hover mouse to the bottom right corner.
  • From the displayed options, click Settings.
  • From the bottom of the Settings pane, click Change PC settings.
  • On PC settings window, click to select Users from the left pane.
  • From the right pane, click Switch to a Microsoft account under Your account section.
  • On Sign in with a Microsoft account window, type the password of the currently logged on user in Current password field, and click Next.
  • On the next window, type the Microsoft account ID in the available field, and click Next. Alternatively, Sign up for a new email address can also be clicked at the bottom to create a new Microsoft account ID, if doesn’t have.
  • On Enter your Microsoft account password window, type in the correct password in the Password field, and click Next.
  • On Add security info window, populate the fields with the appropriate values, and click Next.
  • On the next window, click Finish in order to allow Windows 8 sign in the user using Microsoft account.
  • Close PC settings window when done.