How Can I Pin a Website to the Metro Start Screen?

Windows 8
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How Can I Pin a Website to the Metro Start Screen?

In Windows 8, while working with Internet Explorer, when users visit several sites and if they find some of them useful, they generally bookmark them in order to make it easier to reopen the sites quickly whenever needed.

Bookmarking the sites was considered one of the easiest methods to access the most favorite and frequently visited sites within no time. However this way of opening the sites required Internet Explorer program to be initiated before users can open their bookmarked sites.

The new Metro UI in Windows 8 allows users to pin the most frequently visited websites right to the Start screen. The benefit of doing so is that users are neither required to go to the desktop screen, nor they need to initiate Internet Explorer before they can visit their favorite sites. Users can instead directly click the pinned icon of the site right from the Start screen, hence saving time.

How to Pin a Website to the Metro Start Screen in Windows 8

Step-by-step instructions are provided below:

  • Log on to Windows 8 computer with the administrator or standard user account on which a website is to be added to the Start screen.
  • Make sure that the computer is connected to an active Internet connection.
  • Click Desktop tile from the Start screen to go to the desktop.
  • Once on the desktop screen, click Internet Explorer icon from the taskbar.
  • On the opened Internet Explorer, open the website that is to be added to the Start screen.
  • Once opened, click Tools icon at the top right corner of the window.
  • From the displayed menu, click Add site to Start Screen option to pin the opened website to Metro Start screen in Windows 8.