How to Force An Aspect Ratio in VLC Media Player

force VLC Multimedia Video Media Player aspect ratio automatically
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When watching a film or a set of videos it may be helpful to have VLC Media Player automatically force your display's aspect ratio. This can be done very simply.

Step 1: Open VLC Media Player.
Step 2: Locate the tools option from the top options bar.
Step 3: Select preferences.
Step 4: In the pop-up preferences menu select the video sub options.
Step 5: Locate the Video title.
Step 6: In the "Force Aspect Ratio" box type your monitor's aspect ratio
or the desired aspect ratio. An example is 16:9 or 4:3. The most
common aspect ratios for computer monitors.
Step 7: Select save.
Step 8: Open the desired media file.
Step 9: Enjoy!