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Hello Friends and builders ,
I have seen that many forum members ask for builds , but don't mention what they want , prefer , etc. This causes other forum members to ask those questions turn by turn , making the thread a very lengthy thread and confusing most guys. So here's form ( kinda stuff ) which you can copy and paste into your thread , write answer to these questions and post the thread. For example -
What is your budget ? 500 USD

Questions will be in bold format , Copy them and write answers to these questions on the other side , I have also given some tips on these answers , so you understand what those questions exactly mean. So here you go -

When are you purchasing the parts ? Mention the date when you are purchasing the build. If its more than a month , please post a thread at the time you can purchase the parts ASAP. Computer parts keep getting outdated and you wont like to have a outdated PC especially when you can buy newer parts , right ?

What is your budget ? Tell the maximum budget you have for the PC in the currency which your product seller accepts.

What are your needs ? Tell why do you want this PC. What is it going to be used for , preferably from higher priority uses to lower or vice versa.

Your expectations from the PC : If you have any expectations from the PC , mention them here , ( for example - a small form factor PC , a quite PC , or a overclocking capable PC ) If none , leave this empty.

Your location : Tell the location where the parts are to be shipped. Also if you have any Micro centre , etc near you or if you can manage to get parts from one , please mention.

Your preferred sellers/websites : If you have any seller preferences , mention them here. Also mention why that particular seller and if you are willing to order from other sellers.

Your part choices : If you have any part in which you would like to use , mention its name here. If you have any brand preferences , mention that as well.

Are you upgrading or taking parts from any older PC/laptop ? Tell if your upgrading and if yes mention you are doing so and tell the parts you wish to upgrade for your current PC. If you are taking any older component of another PC , please tell its model no , name and specs. If none of these is your choice , simply type NO.

Why are you upgrading ? Mention the reason of why you are upgrading , for e.g if your current PC is not satisfying your needs or is too outdated. If you want a new PC for a completely different reason , you may leave it blank.

Your current PC specs : Please tell your current PC specs , especially if you are upgrading , as this helps forum members to know compatible parts. If you want a fresh build , you may leave it blank , but I would recommend you to fill this

Do you plan to upgrade this PC ? If you plan to keep upgrading this PC ( like adding a second GPU , more RAM , a better SSD , etc ) , mention here. If not , leave this empty.

Do you need a OS or any other software ? If you need a OS or any other paid software like a antivirus , etc , and if its included in this budget , please mention here. If none , you may leave it blank

Do you need any Monitor ? If you need a monitor and it is included in the mentioned budget , please mention here.If you want a particular If none , you may leave it blank. Please mention your desired size , resolution , etc here. If you have one chosen , please tell its name. If you own a monitor and would like to use it , mention its model no or specs ( size , response time , resolution , etc ) here. For multiple monitor setup mention here as well.

Do you need any peripheral ? If you need a peripheral ( like a keyboard , mouse , mouse mat , headphone/speaker , webcam , mic , etc ) and if you have one , please mention here.

Any other notes : If you have anything else to say , say that here. If none , leave this space empty.

Thats it for this one. Here's the guide with nothing besides it , just copy , write the answers , and post.

When are you purchasing the parts ?

What is your budget ?

What are your needs ?

Your expectations from the PC :

Your location :

Your preferred sellers/websites :

Your part choices :

Are you upgrading or taking parts from any older PC/laptop ?

Why are you upgrading ?

Your current PC specs :

Do you plan to upgrade this PC ?

Do you need a OS or any other software ?

Do you need any Monitor ?

Do you need any peripheral ?

Any other notes :

Thanks for reading and I hope you use this for the next time you ask for a build.