How to recover data from broken Western Digital MyBook Essentials external hard drive.

Western Digital External Hard Drive
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(This is how one person fixed his issue with the WD MyBook Essentials external USB3 hard drive. The failing USB3 port is a very common issue, and has broken many peoples drives. This person ordered the bridgeboard connecting the USB port to the hard drive from Hong Kong, and replaced that.)


Just to tell you that i got my files back, a real adventure! So my story can help everyone that has a WD essentials and encrypted files and a broken USB. After going to an informatic lab, they used recovery software and all the time telling me that may be someone formatted the disk, i decided to by the bridgeboard in ebay, i got one with exactly the same numbers in the white label. So last week my bridgeboard came, and didn't work, sonething was wrong and i started to panic, so I email the guy from honhkong, and he told me that i should update the firmware, i did and didnt work, i could enter trough password but i couldn't see the hidden files, so the guy in hongkong helped me and said that the problem may be with the MBR from harddisk, because the lab i went first used a doc soft ware to try to recover. Today in y work the informatic guys, used a program that detected a problem with MBR so they fixed or recover it and finally i saw my files, the he used another program to recover my files and i have everything back, so if it happens to you, first by the bridgeboard in ebay, dont try recovery software and then iupdate firmware and virtual .... See in WD software downloads.... And put the password, if something is wrong go to someone that knows all the programs and look at the MBR...I am very pleased with the guy from HongKong, he. Was right and trough ebay he answered alll my questions and he was the first to say that the doc recovery program moved or deleted MBR of the ard disk, so it worked it worked an everything is in a new hard disk.