How to Choose a Parts List for a Gaming P.C. Build

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Deciding to build your own gaming p.c. can be exciting, and it can also afford the builder the ability to purchase higher end gear than if they had contracted the p.c. to be built for them by another person or company. Building your own p.c. is generally less expensive, and in most cases you have a wider variety of components to choose from. For first time builders, deciding which components to buy can be a daunting task. The components you choose need to be compatible, and also need to be able to perform the tasks and play the games you are designing the p.c. to perform. Below, I have created a list of questions and answers that will help you decide which components to choose for your build. Please keep in mind that this list is designed to be unbiased, and not geared toward Intel or AMD. In the end it is always best the builder chooses which platform will be right for them.
The first set of questions any builder needs to ask themselves is, "What you will be using the p.c. for?" "Mainly gaming?" If so, "What type of games?" Secondly ask yourself, "What is the budget on this build?" Asking yourself these questions will help you get an idea of what you need for the foundation of your system. Intel and AMD both offer great processors, and I try not to lean toward either one more than the other. Both companies offer processors that can complete similar tasks, and compete with one another when set in a gaming p.c. environment. Intel generally performs these tasks more efficiently.

As long as you do your research, make sure components are compatible and can perform and play the games you are designing the P.C. for, you will be able to build an awesome gaming P.C. and save money over contracting your build out to the other guy. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!~~~Suferbus :)