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Hello Friends ,
This is my guide which will help you select parts for your next PC/PC upgrade. This guide basically has links to all the other guides I wrote. You can read all of them depending on your time. Take a weekend , understand how the PC works , know about your PC Parts , and choose your parts. And of course , you can post here , for double checking , suggestions or if you have a trouble. Here's the links to the guides -

CPU , CPU Cooler , TIM Guide
Motherboard Guide
RAM Guide
PSU Guide

A little form type of thing , that will answer forum member's most frequently asked questions -
FAQ's for new builds ( If your posting on any forum )
Please note that not all guides are written just yet.

Have a Mac ? Here's my guides for Macs -
How to create a RAMDisk on the Mac , the easy way

Other non-related guides -
How to enter PS3's Safe Mode

My reviews on stuff -
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - The Low Budget CPU Cooling King ?