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How to Set the Default Download Location to an SD Card

How to Set Default Download Location to SD Card

There are many ways to move the installed apps from the internal storage of your android device to an external SD card that you have inserted and mounted on your tablet or mobile phone. Also, there are several different ways to set the default installation location for the apps or games to the external SD card. Users may want to do those in order to make some free space available to the internal memory of the device so that it can perform well and provide smooth user experience.

Apart from the above scenarios, many users might also want to set the external SD card as the default download location for the files that they download using any web browser or app. Android OS has this feature integrated in it, and the end users can set the default download location for the files to the external SD card without installing any third-party app or making any tweaks in the system files.
Below is the process explaining how you can set the external SD card as the default download location for your downloaded files:

  • On your android tablet or phone, tap the app drawer icon from the home screen.

  • From the displayed list, tap My files icon.

  • From the opened window, from the top right corner, tap the icon with four horizontal lines.

  • From the displayed menu, tap the Settings option.

  • On the opened Settings window, under the Select directories in the left, tap the Set home directory option.

  • From the window that appears next, tap to select the desired folder or the entire external SD card where you want the files to be downloaded by default.

  • Tap the Done button from the top right corner of the window when done.

  • Note: The process given above to set the default download location to the external SD card is based on the Samsung Galaxy GT – N8000 tablet’s interface. In almost all Samsung phones and tablets, the My files folder is available which is used to configure the settings in this tutorial. In the mobile phones or tablets from other manufacturers, the interface may be different and the process of configuring these settings may vary as well. However the end result will still remain the same as far as the device has an external SD card inserted and properly mounted. Also, the same process can be followed to revert the settings back to the default.
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