How To Build A Computer (For Dummies!)

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Ethan Gibson
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*As far as tools go all you really need is a philips screwdriver

Step One: Find a hard work space off of carpet on a tile or wood floor to prevent static electricity from building up. (Touching a unpainted metal surface on your case will discharge any static)

Step Two: Take your case out of its box (Assuming its new) and remove the 4 thumb screws on the back of the case. Then remove the side panels on the case.

Step Three: Take the box your motherboard came in and take everything out. There should be:
  • Manual
  • Driver CD
  • I/O Shield
  • SATA Cables
  • Motherboard

Step Four: Gently remove your motherboard from its anti-static bag; holding it only by the plastic components, set it down on the bag it came in.

Step Five: Open the CPU's box and take out the fan/heat sink, and the CPU itself.
Remove the plastic cover on the CPU socket on the motherboard and open the metal cover and gently rest the processor in the slot.
(DO NOT PUSH IT IN! If it does not go in; look for a small gold arrow and line it up with the arrow on the socket.) Then attach the heat sink onto it, if it is an after market one, you will need to apply thermal paste.

Step Six: Install the RAM; line up the slots, it will only go in one way.

Step Seven: Install the graphics card (Same as ram, it will only go in one way)

Step Eight, Install the power supply, the manual that came with it will have instructions for where what plugs into what.

Step Nine: Install the hard drive.

Step Ten: Replace the side panels and screw in the 4 screws on the back of the case

Step Eleven: Install the OS and any drivers needed for any of the hardware you have installed.

Thats about it! Hope this tutorial helped!