[FIX] Problems with Display on External Monitor?

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I recently bought a HDMI cable for my laptop to have a second monitor for editing. I plugged it in and found that it would not fit on the screen. The PC display was too big for the monitor. So, heres how you fix it. It has nothing to do with the resolutions of your PC screen so don't adjust the resolution on your PC. This may not be the same on your TV but it should be similar.
1) Go to the Menu on your TV
2) Find Advanced Settings
3) Go into advanced settings
4) Find 16:9 Overscan
5) Turn it off

It should now fit perfectly on your screen. For some reason your TV doesn't take the PC and display it perfectly, it cuts off some of the pixels. So just turn off overscan and it will display your PC screen, pixel for pixel. Any questions about this just ask. If you are looking for an answer to when your screen has black bars on the outside of it, go here. This is usually a problem for people with ATI cards.
- iaminneedofhelp