How to Install an mSATA Drive in a Toshiba Satellite P70

Toshiba mSATA Hard Drives Satellite P70
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Toshiba Satellite P70 mSATA Install

I couldn't find any information anywhere about installing an mSATA drive into a Toshiba Satellite P70 because it is so new, so I bit the bullet, dove in and did it. I hope this helps others. Take it easy on the disassembly.

1: Unplug power.

2: Remove Battery.

3: Remove HDD Access Cover (1 screw and many clips, be careful they do not let go easy).

4: Remove Hard Drive retaining screws then pull out hard drive (Put in a safe place).

5: Remove the DVD retaining screw then push the drive out (Put in a safe place also).

6: Remove all rubber screw caps and then the screws including the two that are in the void that was holding the DVD drive.

7: Starting from the DVD Drive bay area slowly make your way around the case and release the retaining clips holding the back of the case on, be extra careful near the USB, HDMI, Ethernet, and Power connectors.

8: Once the back is off the mSATA Port is located on the MB near the front of the laptop directly behind the SD Card Port.

9: Plug the mSATA Drive into the Port and secure it to the silver retaining lug.

10: Snap the back cover back onto the computer and secure with the screws and replace the rubber covers.

11: Replace the DVD Drive and secure with retaining screw.

12: Replace the Hard Drives.

13: Replace the HDD Access Cover.

14: Replace Battery and power up! (Enjoy!)