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How To Connect To Wi-Fi

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What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi stands or Wireless Fidility. In easier terms its connecting to internet wirelessly with capable devices through an access point.

What is Access Point?

Access Points are hotspots through which you connect to Internet. They show up in your device's available WLAN network lists with random names like AndroidAP, McDonalds Wi-Fi, Airtel, At&t Wireless, etc.

How to Connect to Wi-Fi network?

Connecting to Wi-Fi is an easy task. Steps are as follows -:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi in your device's settings.

  • Press FN + F2 (Or any other key which would turn on Wi-Fi in your laptop).

  • Then in about 15 seconds the network icon in your taskbar should show a star indicating that Wi-Fi networks are available.

  • Click on the network icon and choose your Access Point to join it. If it asks for any password then enter the password given to you by owner or written beneath the router. If you do not have password then you can not connect to any protected network since that is considered hacking. Consult network's owner in that case.

  • Click connect after password input and it should join the Wi-Fi network.

  • For Android it goes as following -:

    • Go to Settings --> Wireless Network --> Turn in On.

    • Choose your Access Point from available networks.

    • Enter password and join it.

  • Have fun browsing!
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