How to create a RAMDisk on the Mac , the easy way !

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RAMDisk's have become much sensible these days. But how to create one for your Mac ? Well , here's a guide on how to -
Step 1 - Download the RAMDiskCreator app by
Step 2 - Once you download , you will see this -

Step 3 - Click on Open.

Step 4 - Now you will see this -

Step 5 - Select the capacity , capacity format and name the disk. Once your done , click on the Create RAM Disk button.

Step 6 - You will see this now -

Viola ! You have made the RAMDisk ! Now click on Juhu and its over.

1. Be careful while making the RAMDisk , especially in terms of size. Leave atleast 1GB of free RAM , so that the system doesn't end up unresponsive or shuts down abruptly.
2. The RAMDisk a removable disk , which losses all data when rebooted. Be sure to back it up , before you reboot , else the data's gone.
3. The RAMDisk doesn't cause any damage to the RAM. It will be 100% safe for the components as long as you do it right.
4. RAMs with faster frequencies will be much faster. If you plan on adding RAM to the Mac , make sure your Mac's logic board supports it and that its the fastest frequency possible.

Thanks to for creating this easy and awesome app.

Thats it. Thanks for reading and I hope it helped !