Configuring Virtual Routers in GNS3

Routers Consoles Configuration
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Since GNS3 provides only a console where the scholars and network administrators can create simple and complex network topologies, it is important for them to add and configure multiple virtual routers in the console to make the topologies work efficiently.

Adding and configuring virtual routers in GNS3 includes:

  1. Selecting the best IOS image to mount in the GNS3.
  2. Adding the original IOS images to the GNS3.
  3. Adding the virtual routers to the GNS3 console.
  4. Configuring the virtual routers by specifying the type and number of virtual NICs that they might have.
  5. Connecting the routers to the virtual switches that can also be created within the GNS3 console. Creating the entire virtual topology that constitutes virtual switches, virtual routers, virtual PCs, etc.
  6. Powering on the virtual routers.