Resolve 'Destination Folder Access Denied. Need Permissions to Perform this Action'

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There are certain situations during copying or moving any folder or file to some other location when an error message is generated displaying 'Destination Folder Access Denied. Need Permissions to Perform this Action'. The problem occurs due to unavailability of 'ownership'.

Ownership in the sense defines that the folder or the file is present in some other user account. Though it appears in your account but is not available for any modifications. In such case transferring the ownership solves the problem.

This problem is often seen in multi-user account system. Files and folders do appear in other accounts but are not available for any modifications. By transferring ownership, you make the selected file or folder available in your account and provide your account the privilege and permission to modify or perform all or certain tasks as per your requirement.

Even if the owner of the file or folder has debarred the admin from accessing them; Windows provides the admin accounts a special privilege, which empowers them to depose an owner and transfer ownership to itself or to some other account. Once ownership is transferred, the new owner can redefine the permissions allotted to other users for accessing the folder.

The admin can even debar the previous owner from approaching the folder or file after abducting ownership from it. Also, it may allow full or restricted privileges to one, some or all the user accounts to access the contents.

By following these simple steps you can take or transfer ownership of the folders or files protected by NTFS permissions:

  • Log on to Windows with administrator account.
  • Locate the folder whose ownership is to be taken.
  • Right-click the target folder.
  • From the context menu, click Properties.
  • On the opened folder’s properties box, go to the Security tab.
  • Click Advanced button from the bottom.
  • On the opened box, go to Owner tab.
  • In order to change the owner of the selected folder, click Edit button from the bottom.
  • Once done, click to select the entire group or your user account from the Change owner to list.
  • From the bottom of the box, check the Replace owner on subcontainers and objects checkbox.
  • Click OK button and accept all the confirmations that are displayed thereafter to continue with the process. Alternatively, you can also click Other users or groups button to make any other user or group the owner of the selected folder.
  • Wait till the Windows completes the process.
  • After taking the ownership, go to the Security tab of the folder again and assign the appropriate permissions.