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How to recover deleted files (Windows only)

This Tutorial addresses:
  • Windows
  • Data Recovery
  • Tutorial
  • Configuration
This is a tutorial on how to recover files you may have accidentally deleted completely removed by the use of the recycle bin.

Before we begin this tutorial something you may want to note. Check your Recycle Bin first! You won't have to go through a lengthy process just to recover a single file, it just may be hiding in there. Otherwise if you know that you got rid of the file completely then continue on.

Required Items: (Instructions on how to obtain these below)
1. Recuva

This program is considered freeware!
You can download Recuva HERE

1. Download Recuva from the link above.
2. Run the Recuva installer.
3. Install Recuva in a convenient location.
4. Run Recuva.
5. You should be greeted with a screen that looks like this:
6. Now after hitting next you should get a screen like this:
7. From here you will have to select what sort of file you are looking for. In this tutorial I will be using a picture as reference but the process is the same for each type of file.
8. Hit next
9. You should be met with a screen like this:
10. Depending on where you last had the file and where you deleted it from check the corresponding box. In this tutorial I deleted the image from the recycle bin.
11. Depending on whether or not your last scan failed you should only hit enable deep scan if the original scan failed.
12. After this hit start, this could take a moment depending on your hardware.
13. If you know the file name you can hit advanced and search from there otherwise you should look for the file that you what it looks like. In this case I deleted an eclipse picture. (A lot of times some files WILL NOT BE RECOVERABLE either because they have been overwritten to many times or it just cannot be read in any way shape or form)
14. Select the file that you are trying to recover then hit recover which should look similar to this:
15. Now select a location to put the recovered file, wherever convenient is fine. (In this case since it was an image I put it in my pictures folder)
16. There you go, you have now successfully recovered your image! (Or other file) If the recovery failed or could not find the object you were looking for try using a deep scan. Sometimes you will not be able to recover a file, and it is most likely beyond anyone's reach.
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