How to install an Intel CPU.

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How to install a CPU might appear to be a simple task but it is far from that.[/b]

There are many models and socket versions of CPUs and years ago there actually were pins on the CPU itself and the socket had holes for those pins.

It took a good deal of patience to insert the CPU into the socket and line up those pins so that there was not one or many out of line and potentially getting bent as the CPU was lowered into the socket.
Tat has changed over the years to what is now a better method and less chance for bent pinsbut it has not completely been eliminated and you can still bend some pin type connections.

This picture is of a CPU socket that has some bent pins and it is most definitely not something that you want to see as there is no way to straighten out these bent pins. They are specially folded pieces of metal that line up with the metal points on the CPU and once bent the motherboard is no longer able to be a functioning board. The metal points on the bottom of the CPU are not actually pins and while they can't be bent you still should handle the CPU by the sides of the pcb.

How the CPU should be installed.

Step 1. The first thing that you do after attaching your antistatic wrist strap is to remove the CPU socket cover that comes with the Motherboard and is for the protection of the socket pins.

To remove the cover you need to locate the lid lever located on the side of the socket and by pressing down and moving slightly to the side you can then raise the lever and free the locking lid and by raising the lid you can remove the socket cover.

Step 2. Now that the cover has been removed you can look closely at the socket and locate the two notches on opposite sides of the socket. You will notice that the CPU also has notches on the sides and a gold triangle on the corner.

When you line up these two notches and the gold triangle you have the right orientation of the CPU as it should be placed in the socket.