How to update your BIOS (Windows only)

BIOS Windows Update Motherboards Tutorial
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This tutorial will go in depth on how to identify your motherboard, and using that information you can then update your BIOS. In this tutorial I will be using my own motherboard an asrock z77 extreme4 as an example but the process is the same! All these steps assume there is an installer for your BIOS, most major motherboard manufacturers will include an installer. This tutorial assumes you have a file un-zipper. You can find a tutorial on how to get one HERE

Required Materials (How to get these will be below):
1. Speccy (For hardware identification)
2. Your motherboard manufacturers BIOS

You can download Speccy HERE
Your specific BIOS will have to be found, more on that later.

If you already know what motherboard you have then you can skip to step: 7

1. Download Speccy
2. Run the Speccy installer
3. Install to a convenient location
4. Run Speccy
5. A new window will open up with some information on it that will look like this:
6. From there you should find your motherboard make sure to include make and model, the whole line of information for motherboard is what you should be using!
Clicking the motherboard tab will show you the date of your BIOS, if later on the date matches the latest BIOS then you already have the latest BIOS installed on your computer and you can skip to step 18
7. Open up a new browser tab and search for your exact motherboard (in this case I will be using my asrock z77 extreme4)
8. From here you "should" be directed to the website of your motherboard manufacturer.
9. Normally from here there is a downloads tab, in this case it looks something like this:
10. Go to the BIOS download tab
11. Find the latest version which should appear something like this:
12. Once you have found the most recent download look for something that says Windows, this will be an installer for your BIOS
13. In most cases you will get a zip file.
14. Unzip the file (extract all) to a convenient location
15. Close every program on your computer
16. Run the BIOS installer, this could take a minute
17. Once it is finished restart your computer
18. There you go, you now have the latest BIOS on your computer!

Change log: 10/9/13: Wrote tutorial
10/9/13: Added Pictures

Coming soon: Zip File tutorial to tie into this!