Save anything as PDF for FREE - Guide for total beginner

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In this Save anything as PDF for FREE - tutorial for total beginner, Alex Moroz shows the free technique that allows to save or convert Word, Excel, Publisher documents, emails, receipts fron online shopping, web pages and any type of documents that you can imagine to PDF file. This idea works (and was carefully tested) with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (any version), Windows 8 (any version). Tutorial is designed for total beginner and included step by step instructions - OK to email to your grandfather.

part 1 of 2:

part 2 of 2:

Direct link for October 2013:
Select and download PDF Writer on the left side of your screen.
Tip: During the setup uncheck all other free tools(other tools that comes with setup are garbage) and decline the installation Bing Toolbar or other free tool. So your setup will be clean without other free garbage tools. You just want PDF Writer.

Thanks for watching. Congratulations! You just learned how to save your next shopping receipt or fav tutorial web page into pdf file. Enjoy!