How to Install Windows 8 on a new system

Windows 8
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How to Install Windows 8 on a new system

The following is meant to give you a quick guide to installing Windows 8 on a new computer system.

[_] Windows 8 installation media and Product Key
[_] Optical drive for installation media
[_] System that matches or exceeds Windows 8 minimum requirements(Found on MS Windows 8 site.)[Search: windows 8 systems requirements]

1.) Insert the Windows 8 Installation DVD

2.) Boot off of the DVD drive

3.) The first setup screen will ask you to select your languages, then click [Next]

4.) On the next screen click [Install Now]

5.) The next screen will ask you to enter your Product Key, do so an click [Next]

6.) You will now be presented with the License terms, read them completely, click "I accept the license terms", then click [Next]

7.) On the next screen click the "Custom" option if this is a new windows installation, then click [Next]

8.) Now select the drive you want to install to, and click [Next]

9.) Windows will now start copying installation files to your hard-drive

10.) After several minutes, 5-20, Windows 8 will be ready for you to personalize your colors, pick your color, and then add a PC name(this is the name that will be visible on your network.), then click [Next]

11.) You'll now be asked about your settings, you can select [Use express settings], or select [Customize] for the following options:

11.a.) Select the appropriate file\device sharing as needed for your network, [Next]

11.b.) Enable the Update settings you want, by default windows assumes you want all updates, click [Next]

11.c.) Now decide what info you want MS to know about you, by default these settings should be off. click [Next]

11.d.) Now select how to solve Problems, and what info you wish to share with Apps, click [Next]

11.e.) You can setup an email address log-in if wanted, click [Next], if you don't want to use an email address, select "Sign in without a Microsoft account"

11.e.i.) Click [Local account] to create a standard local user account

11.e.ii.) Enter a username, password, and hint as needed, click [Finish]

12.) Windows will now finish your installation, pay attention to info MS gives you on how to use Windows 8 for the first time. Windows 8 is all about touch screens, but you can use a mouse.

13.) When setup is complete you should now be at your desktop

14.) Install drivers as required by your hardware, see your manufacturers instructions

Your base windows system should now be setup and functional. You'll want to reboot your system after installing any needed drivers and verify that everything works as expected.