Installing Windows 2008 with SP2

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Installing Windows 2008 with SP2

The following guide will step you through the installation of Windows 2008 Server.

[_] Windows Server 2008 Installation media
[_] Server System or Virtual Environment
[_] Windows Server 2008 Product Key

1. Power on your system and insert your installation media, boot to your DVD to start the installation process.
2. When your installation starts you should see the following screen

3. Select your languages as needed and click [Next]

4. Click [Install Now]

5. If this is a new install select 'Custom' to start the installation

6. You'll now be asked to select which drive to install the OS to, select as needed.

7. After selecting the drive the installation process will begin

8. Almost ready...

9. You'll then be informed that you need to set a password, click [OK]

10. Set a password of your liking, but it should be strong(Upper and lower case, numbers, symbols, and at least 8 characters long, and no matter what NO DICTIONARY WORDS OR RELATED.

11. After you set your password you'll see the above, click [OK]

12. Your system will now log you in, at this point you have a functional OS. You can select options you want and update them to your desired specifications. You'll also want to take the time to install any drivers your hardware requires.(See manufacturer instructions for specific directions for each piece of hardware.)

13. If your Network Card was identified and your system detects a network you will see the above screen. Select the type of network you are on, to set the type of system security Windows thinks you need.

As with any other install you may encounter unique installation warnings, research any unexpected warnings as needed.

One thing you might have noticed, we never entered a Product key, if you access your 'System' app you will locate the area where you can insert your Product Key and verify your system is Genuine.