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How to edit start up programs.

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Editing programs in the start up menu.

All Windows operating systems have a start up menu where programs are listed and can be selected to open when Windows starts or remain closed until they are opened when needed.
Some programs are opened when Windows starts because it is necessary for them to do so, others open because when they are made and programmed by the maker they decided to have their program opened when Windows starts.
There are not a lot of programs that need to open when Windows starts and you can and should trim the number down as they take up resources by being open.
You can easily open these programs when needed.

There are two programs that absolutely need to open when Windows starts and that is Windows explorer and sys tray. The rest you can decide on if you want them open or not.

Step 1.

Open the start menu by going to the Windows start button and in the run box type in mscnfig and select search.

The system configuration will come up and you can navagate to the start up tab where yo will see a list of the available programs. Next to each one you will see a box on the left side.

This box is where you will check off whether or not you want to have it start when Windows starts up.

Step 2.

The programs listed in the start menu do not all have to be checked of to start when Windows starts up, in fact you can actually have a list of about 10 to 12 programs checked off to start and leave the rest unchecked. By doing this you will notice that Windows will load faster and perform quicker with just a few open programs.
What you will have to do is spend some time identifying all the programs listed there and deciding which ones you want to start when Windows starts.

Step 3.

Another thing you can do next is to go to the services tab when your finished with the start up tab and look through the services listed there and decide if there are any that you don't need to have running. Believe it or not but there will be some services that you really don't need if you look carefully and these should be turned off.

When programs are loaded on your computer there are all sorts of things taking place that you have no idea about and by going through these lists of programs and services you can trim down some of the things that are slowing your computer's operating system and you will notice an improvement.
Any changes to the start menu or in the system configuration window will require a restart.
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