How to speed up your boot time (for the non-technical person)

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In this tutorial I am going to go over to speed up your boot time using a single program. Note that the boot time can decrease by a large amount or a small amount. It just depends on how many programs you run on start up.

Required Items: (Details on how to get these below)
1. Soluto

Soluto is a cloud based program with which you can use to do numerous things. In this case I use it for speeding up my boot time. This is my preferred method because for many programs it will give you a description of what is is, and what is does, and then give you a recommended course of action. You do not need to keep this program on your computer for the changes to work, once you initially make the changes it will keep those. Also you will need to make an account, but it is 100% free!

You can find their website HERE

1. First you will need to make a soluto account.
2. After you have made your account you should see a windows like this (in your browser):
3. After that you should hit "+ Add PC/Tablet/Phone" which will open a window that look like this:
4. You will want to hit Download
5. Then run the installer, put this in a convenient location.
6. After you have installed it, it will scan through your programs that you have on your computer. It is best to wait 5 minutes so it can gather your data.
7. After you wait your allotted amount of time, in your browser you should see numerous details about your computer.
8. When going down to start up it will say you need to restart your computer, do so.
9. After your restart a little flap will open up in the corner of your desktop, this is how soluto shows it is analyzing you boot up.
10. Open up your browser again, and go to the soluto website, login and go to your chosen computer.
11. If you scroll down to start up programs you will find a whole list of improvements you can make to your boot.
12. Soluto provides plenty of information on what you should and should not change. Once you make all these changes you can restart your computer and be amazed or at least content with your new boot up speed.
13. Congratulations you have sped up your boot time! You can either leave soluto on your computer or remove it. The changes it makes are done at an OS level, so you will be fine either way.