How to install Windows 7/Windows 8 using your pendrive (command-line installation)

Windows 8 Windows 7 Multiboot ISO Command Line Pendrive
Louis Andrei Suba
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1st: Ensure you must have atleast 4 gb of drive space and you have a GENUINE windows 7/8 DVD or ISO file (if you have ISO file open ito using a virtual ROM software)

2nd: Once your ready... click start and then type will show command prompt and right click it and run as administrator.

3rd: type DISkPart

4th: (make sure your flash drive was inserted) type LIST DISk and you will see your drive..usually it was listed as DISk 1 ...then type SELECT DISk 1...after the message..type CLEAN ...after the message type CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY ...after the message type SELECT PARTITION ACTIVE...after the message...type FORMAT FS=NTFS QUICk.....then after that type ASSIGN then type EXIT

5th: Insert the DVD drive or Mount your ISO then go to COMPUTER...note your flash and dvd drive letters......go to command prompt window again then type E: CD BOOT (where mine...E: is my DVD's Drive letter) then... when your DVD's Drive letter appeared type CD BOOT then..after that type BOOTSECT.EXE NT60 F (where F is my pendrive's letter)

6th: the easiest and the safest way is to use Windows Explorer......close the command prompt window and go open your DVD drive's folder then select all then copy the contents and paste to your pendrive's root folder:

7th: reboot your computer and then enter your BIOS(careful not to make some changes to the BIOS or else you can not succesfully boot up your computer)find where you can change the boot priority or the like then select your device...usually it shows up the name of the manufacturer or simply "REMOVABLE DEVICE" your changes.....if a message says press any key to boot......... press a key then follow the setup instructions...there is an option where you can edit a drive.....