Setting up shared folders in Windows 7

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Title:Setting up shared folders in Windows 7

The following guide will walk you through setting up a basic instance of file sharing in a Windows 7 environment. Depending on your network you may require additional security settings to protect your data, but generally speaking if you have a secured wireless and wired network you should be able to follow this guide without risk.

[_] Windows 7 computer to share from
[_] Function network for computer communications

1. Navigate to 'Windows'->'Control Panel'

2. In the Control Panel locate "Network and Sharing Center" and click on it.

3. In the Network and Sharing Center click on "Change advanced sharing settings"

4. In the 'Advanced share settings' window click on the down arrow to uncover all of the settings under "Public"

5. Find the section labeled "Public folder sharing" and select "Turn on sharing so...", then find the "Password protected sharing" section and select "Turn off password...", then click the [Save Changes] button at the bottom of the screen

6. Now open up the 'Computer' window and navigate to the folder you would like to share

7. Right click on the folder and select 'Properties'

8. Click on the (Sharing) tab, then [Advanced Sharing], then checkmark 'Share this folder'

9. Now click [Permissions], highlight 'Everyone' and put a checkmark in 'Change' and 'Read', then click [OK], and then [Ok] again.

10. Now click on the (Security) tab, and select [Advanced], then select [Change Permissions]

11. In the 'Advanced Security' window, click [Add], then enter the name 'everyone' in the 'Enter the object name..', click [Check names], then click [OK]

12. You'll now be asked to setup the permissions for everyone. The easiest way to do this is checkmark 'Full Control' to populate all of the fields, then uncheck 'Full Control', 'Take ownership', and 'Change permissions', then click [OK] (Unchecking the mentioned items prevents someone from completely taking over this folder, they could still delete it, but not lock you out.)

13. Click [OK], [OK] and then finally [Close] on the original 'Properties' window

14. Your Windows 7 share should now be accessible to anyone on your physical network. They won't have to enter credentials unless you required it when making the "Password protected sharing" choice.

The above method is meant to make file sharing easy for anyone on your network to access, be they normal users, friends, or somebody that has broken into your wireless network. So be warned there is nothing preventing someone from the outside accessing this share accept your wireless security, and your front door.