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Mapping a drive letter to a folder share - Windows 7

This Tutorial addresses:
Mappig a drive letter to a folder share - Windows 7

The following guide will show you how to connect to a network share in Windows 7 and have it appear as a drive letter in your 'Computer' drives display.

[_] An existing drive share on another computer you have access to
[_] A Windows 7 computer(you have access to)
[_] A functional network(both computers on same network)

1. Log into your Windows 7 computer and navigate to 'Windows'->'Computer'

2. Click on "Map network drive", and you should be brought to the window below

3. In the 'Map' window you can select any drive letter available to you in the drop down,

4. Once you've selected the drive letter click on the [Browse] button and you should see the following(different computers will be listed ofcourse.) If the computer isn't listed you can manually map to it using IP address and foldername ('\\<IPAddress>\SharedFolderName')

5. Expand the computers name and select the folder you wish to map to. (In this case the 'NetShare' folder has been selected) Then click [OK]

6. You should now see something like the following: Your Drive letter is where you set it, the foldername will point to the target computer\folder. Now you can make a couple of decisions. a.) If you'd like the mapping to reconnect every time you login checkmark "Reconnect at logon", b.) If you need to use different credentials(username\password) for the other computer you can checkmark "Connect using different credentials" and Windows will ask you for them.

7. At this point you should be able to click [Finish] and complete your drive mapping. If there is a problem connectiong you may see this screen:

*If you see the above screen something is blocking your connection attempts(most likely you manually enter the share, or you don't have permissions to it. Try manually connecting first to verify what is happening.)

8. If everything worked as expected Windows should now open up the new Drive and display any files at its root like so:

9. When going back to your 'Computer' window you will now see something like the following:

Mapping a shared folder to a drive letter is a nice way to save yourself a lot of time if you move files back and forth between PC's. At present this mapping is only for your user, but it is possible to setup a share for all users, more on that elsewhere.
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