Installing Windows 8.1

Hardware Microsoft Windows 8
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Title:Installing Windows 8.1

The following guide will walk you through the installation of Microsoft Windows 8.1. You may need perform further configurations depending on your specific needs and hardware.

[_] MS Windows 8.1 Installation Media
[_] Product Key for Windows 8.1
[_] Hardware to support Windows 8.1

1. Insert the Windows 8.1 Installation DVD into your drive and boot your computer off of it.

2. On the Languages selection screen select the languages you need then click [Next]

3. Then click [Install now]

4. You'll now be asked to enter your activation product key, do so then click [Next]

5. On the 'License terms' screen, read the entire license, and if you agree click 'I accept...' then click [Next]

6. We assume this is our first install so click 'Custom'

7. You'll now be asked to select the drive to install to, select the desired drive and then click [Next]

8. Your system will now start installing, you'll see something like the screen below

9. Your system will restart after copying files and starting the install process

10. After the reboot, you will have a bit of a wait, then you're ready to 'Personalize your system. Select the color you'd like and enter a PC name. (I'll be using Test) Then click [Next]

11. On the 'Settings' window we'll click [Use express settings] (This sets specific default settings that Microsoft likes to see you use, if you'd like to customize these options please do.)

12. Now you're asked to create an account (If you have a MS account you can enter the username and password. I'm going to by pass MS and create a local account.) Click "Create a new account"

13. On the following screen click "Sign in without a Microsoft account" (If you want to create an online account now is your opportunity.)

14. Now you can create a local user account: add a username and password(and hint as you want) then click [Finish]

15. Your system will now restart to finalize your setup(apparently, "You can get new apps from the store".)

16. After a bit of time, you'll be brought to your new desktop, take some time and look around. Check with your hardware manufactures and see if you need to add\update your drivers.

You now should have a functional Microsoft Windows 8.1 system, enjoy.